The Deadly Romantic

Found this on the table



Bucket flower from Emb.

Then, i read the note



Unforgettable Moment

It has been a year since our sacred vow

I remember at that altar, we have confessed our love

We promised to be always together

I remember that day…

One thing you always dream about

A wedding with all beautiful flowers

But, it turned up not as you wish for

Let me tell you my dear,

Even without all beautiful flowers

I knew that the most beautiful flower in the world was standing

beside me

It is so pretty and beautiful

It was the most unforgettable moment in my life

I am so happy and proud, i have you by my side

Since then…

We have ben through so many things in our journey

The difficulties we passed, the happiness we rejoiced

Every little thing has made us growth

Everything has changed

But, let me tell you my dear,

One thing will never change

my LOVE for you will never change

It will be last forever

Happy 1st Anniversary my dear


25th October 2013


2 Pack Godiva Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut

My Deadly Romantic Hasbemb



Happy Birthday Friend!

To : Okshe

Thank you for long long friendship journey

more than 1 decade right? (you know i always have trouble with my memory)

I know you’re stronger than you think, But Me and Emb will always be here

I will always remember this day,

it is the same time me and Emb decided to go through the same path

10 October will always be special

Because you are born this day, and you are special!

Happy Birthday dear best friend

We always wish all the best for you!